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Cows, Horses, and Fried Pickles

I’ve been riding across Wyoming in the northern side. Lots of cows and horses, but not a lot of people.

Anyway, after feeling vegetable deprived, we finally found a Ruby Tuesdays for dinner last night so that I could get salad bar and of course you know I got some food to go with it.

The good news about riding your bicycle across the country is you can eat whatever you want. The bad news is you want to eat absolutely everything.

We stopped at the spotted horse bar and had some fried pickles in the middle of the day! I had been climbing and missed lunch and this place just popped on the horizon and did not disappoint!

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I know what you mean about very few people... My son currently lives in Wyoming. You can drive for hundreds of miles and see no other people.😄


suzanne lenz
suzanne lenz

Spotted Horse Bar? What a great name! And population 26...!!

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