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Mount Rushmore and the Badlands

So over the weekend while most of you were resting, I was out riding my bike. First, I rode to Mount Rushmore and got an opportunity to see the presidents and take a look at the history of how it was constructed. It was really actually quite amazing to think that they were able to complete this in 1941. It was really beautiful and really moving. I also found our state flag at Mount Rushmore. New Hampshire was the ninth state to be entered into the union.

While I was there I made a special shout out to Mike Ambrogi. Mike, thank you for your generous donation!

I had a much-needed rest day on Saturday and then Sunday I rode my bike to the Badlands. My ride was about 66 miles into a strong 25 mile an hour headwind, but the reward was to get to the Badlands, which were absolutely amazing.

This is a part of America that most people don’t spend any time in, but the badlands were truly raw and beautiful.

Continuing my journey through South Dakota today It’s a lot of prairie land and a lot of miles.

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I was so impressed with Mount Rushmore - can't believe most of it was "carved" with dynamite.

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