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Through Iowa to Illinois

So I’m moving myself through Iowa, which by the way, is an incredibly long state. I’m spending four days crossing Iowa by bicycle and getting ready to leave to Illinois. Mostly the weather has been great, although I have been paying attention to the hurricane remnants and of course we’re in a strong heat wave.

No worries though. I’m drinking lots of fluids and staying well. Planning my arrival in New Hampshire on July 25 and I am so excited to be seeing the Atlantic ocean again.

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Bradford Wyman
Bradford Wyman
7월 09일

Hello KT. We just requested a $1,000 grant in support of your ride for CASA from our Wyman Family Fund at NHCF. We are strong supporters of CASA and we first heard about your ride from Marti and Suzanne last month.

Susan and I made the ACA x-c ride in 1999, east to west, in our mid-fifties. We can relate to your adventure. Congratulations.

Brad and Sue Wyman


Still praying for you KT! You're amazing!!!!!😘

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